Bradley Cooper harshly mocked for being a “Mama’s boy” after bringing 83-year-old mom to the Oscars

With all the glitz and glam associated with the Oscars, it’s hardly surprising that it takes a few days post-ceremony to properly digest all that went on.

Major talking points like the success of Oppenheimer – and all those involved in its production – John Cena’s naked walk across the stage, and Al Pacino deciding to skip the nominations for Best Picture in favor of just announcing the winner directly, took very little time to make their way to the headlines of news outlets the world over.

Yet there was one highlight involving actor Bradley Cooper that seemingly flew under the radar entirely. Fortunately it’s getting the online traction it deserves now, and we think you’ll agree that it makes for truly heartwarming reading, irrespective of the usual small collective of naysayers who have crawled out the woodwork.

If you count yourself a Cooper fan, you’ll likely be well versed in the recent rumors that he’s now dating Gigi Hadid. Last week a source shared: “Bradley and Gigi are both genuinely so happy. They’re having a great time together, doing well as a couple, and co-parenting healthily on both sides.”

Yet it was also made clear last week that Hadid wouldn’t be attending the 96th Academy Awards on Cooper’s arm, but rather staying at home with her daughter.

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