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Dad whose body is completely covered in tattoos undergoes transformation for the sake of his young daughter

We’ve all done things we’re not proud of in the past, made decisions we wish we hadn’t, and said things we would want to take back.

Yet I’m willing to wager very few of us have regrets so large and visible as Ethan ‘ModBoy’ Bramble, a body fanatic from Australia who covered his body with over 200 tattoos.

Expressing oneself through ink is common these days, while intricate, quirky tattoos appear to be all the rage. That said, there’s a limit to what most people are willing to pay to have put on themselves, and for most people that limit falls well short of what Ethan was ready to do.

As per reports, Ethan was just 11 years old when he decided to get his first ever body modification, which involved the stretching of his ears. Since then, he’s undergone all manner of procedures, including having his tongue split and his belly button removed.

It’s his tattoos that garner the most attention, however, and that’s hardly a surprise given that he’s covered head to toe. All told, Ethan revealed that he had spent around $60,000 AUD (roughly $39,000 UD) to look the way he does.

Now, though, he’s expressed some regret over his past choices.

“I guess you could say I regret some tattoos,” he told LadBibleTV’s No Filter series.

“Not just regret, I think there’s a difference between regret and wanting to be perceived differently.”

Ethan went on to say that he’s worried about the judgement he might face while performing certain daily tasks, such as taking his young daughter to school.

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