Waitress gets ‘$0’ tip on ‘$187’ bill, turns heads after making Facebook post in response

If you decide to pursue a career in the restaurant industry, especially the position of a waiter or a waitress, you should know it is followed by certain difficulties such as dealing with tough customers who are impatient and may treat you with disrespect, and not to mention how difficult it is to be on your feet all day.
However, the biggest issue is the pay which is pretty low. Because these employees are expected to be tipped, the country of U.S allows the restaurant owners to pay the workers less than the federal minimum wage.

In 21 states, servers are paid only $2.13 an hour before tips. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, “nearly 15% of the nation’s 2.4 million waiters and waitresses live in poverty, compared with about 7% of all workers. They are more likely to need public assistance and less likely to receive paid sick leave or health benefits.”

Although they should be tipped, there are customers who are so rude that they decide to tip the waiter or waitress who served them under the standard 15% or even noting. That is exactly what happened to a waitress Taylar Cordova who was so angry at the customer that she decided to share the bill on line and rise awareness of the disrespectful way these workers are treated.

She received no tip on a bill totaling $187.43. A standard tip would have given Cordova $28.11. The post has been shared more than 12,000 times.

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