Divers recover two bodies from inside submerged pickup truck after Baltimore bridge collapse

Divers have recovered the bodies of two construction workers who went into the water in their pickup truck during the Baltimore bridge collapse earlier this week.

As per reports, cargo ship Dali hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge in the early hours of Tuesday morning on March 26. The collision occurred just prior to 1:30am in Maryland, USA, prompting a huge search and rescue operation amid the confusion and chaos.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are in the process of reviewing the voyage data recorder recovered by the Coast Guard in order to build a timeline of events regarding what caused the crash. Dali left Baltimore at 12:45am local time and was headed for Colombo, Sri Lanka before appearing to lose power minutes before it hit the bridge.

Reports claim at least eight people went into the water. Two were rescued, while a further two have now been found and identified as Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, 35, and Dorlian Ronial Castillo Cabrera, 26, both of whom were working at the time of the incident.

Tragically, the remaining missing persons are now presumed dead.

“Based on the length of time that we’ve gone in this search… (and) the water temperature… at this point we do not believe that we’re going to find any of these individuals still alive,” Coast Guard Rear Admiral Shannon Gilreath explained.

Credit: Rob Carr / Getty

Yesterday (Wednesday, March 27) Wes Moore, governor of Maryland, told reporters: “We’ve got to give these families closure.

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