Mom goes viral after making her son wear “I’m a bully” t-shirt to school

That bullying has absolutely no place in the world is something that we’re all taught – or at least, all should be taught – from the earliest of ages.

Making someone else’s life a misery, coercing or forcing them to do things against their will, harassing or intimidating or subjecting them to abuse are despicable practices. In an ideal world, bullying isn’t something anyone should be put through.

Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world, and bullying remains rife in schools and work places, sometimes even at home. The best approach to tackling bullies differs depending on who you’re asking, but one mom from Texas went viral a few years ago after handling a particularly sensitive situation in a manner that drew praise and criticism in equal measure.

I have always told my children that they can be whoever they want to be, express themselves in whatever way comes natural to them. An ironclad rule that’s always existed in my household, however, is that bullying will never be tolerated.

Fortunately, I’ve never fielded the dreaded phone call from school or another child’s parent to inform me that my sons have been bullying anyone else. That said, I have spent time in the past wondering just how I’ll go about disciplining them should that day ever come.

One mother in Texas was faced with that predicament back in 2018, and her controversial response ended up getting a lot of traction online. As per reports, the mom in question, Star, was made aware that her fifth grade son was calling other boys “stupid” and “idiots.”

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