At 48, Charlize Theron’s see-through gown for Oscars after party ignites reactions from fans

It can’t be easy being a celebrity these days, what with every move, every decision scrutinized and published for the whole world to dissect and discuss.

Perhaps it’s always been that way – living a life in the spotlight has ever meant a life of flashing cameras and attention – but in today’s era of sensationalistic social media headlines and viral content, the focus is more intense than in decades previous.

A-listers are not only judged on what they say and do, but also what they wear, and this becomes all the more evident when awards season rolls around. Last weekend saw the 96th Academy Awards play out at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, and it was a predictably uber-publicized affair.

A who’s who of actors and film industry bigwigs took to the red carpet, and you can bet your last dollar that their wardrobe choices were analyzed like internet denizens were sitting one giant, collective exam in fashion design.

One star whose look came in for a particularly stringent study was Charlize Theron, who donned a glittering black ensemble that turned plenty of heads.

The actress positively dazzled at this year’s Vanity Fair Oscars Party, though her outfit became a major talking point online, with fans split as to whether or not it was a hit or miss.

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