39-year-old Katy Perry wears ‘questionable’ to award show – ‘I can’t believe she wore this’

Katy Perry is one of the most popular pop singers of her generation. She has been known for her musical hits such as ‘I Kissed A Girl’ and ‘Teenage Dream.’ Now it seems some people have been left shocked by her choice of outfit to a recent award show.

Keep reading to see the outfit…

On Wednesday night the 2024 Billboard Women In Music Awards took place in Los Angeles and attracted the biggest names in the music industry today. One of the women in attendance was none other than pop sensation, Katy Perry.

The singer caused a stir when she arrived, not just because of her stardom but because of her outfit! She was wearing a crimson dress and corset both of which laced up in the back and left some area exposed. The dress laced down to its edges hence it left her entire back and butt exposed.

The singer was posing for the cameras and then turned her back towards them so everyone was able to see the back of the dress which put her G-string on full display.

Keep reading to see the pictures of her bold outfit!


Katy did not seem self-conscious in the least. She flashed a big smile, winked, and even stuck out her tongue, fully enjoying the attention of the photographers as they clicked away.

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