Four Married Guys On A Fishing Tri

Four married men chose to go fishing together one day. As they threw their lines into the water, they talked about what they had given up to be there.

For starters, the first guy said, “You have no idea what I did this weekend to be able to go fishing with you.” On Saturday, I promised my wife that I would paint the whole house. The other guys nodded to show that they understood how hard it was to negotiate with their wives.

But the second guy’s story quickly beat out his friend’s. He yelled, “That’s nothing!” “I promised my wife I’d build her a new pool deck.” Her dream trip to fish was the only way to make it come true after years of wanting it.”

The third guy, who was paying close attention, added his own story. He told them, “You both have it easy!” “I promised my wife that I would redo the whole kitchen for her.” I know it will be a lot of work, but I just had to join you guys on this fishing trip.”

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