“You’re ugly and you have a big nose,” she heard from her mother every day

Jennifer Aniston (50), now a well-known actress and a stunning woman, had a tough childhood with a mother who constantly criticized her and inflicted severe traumas.

Nancy Dow, Jennifer’s mother, was also an actor, but she didn’t know how to deal with a little girl, despite her best intentions.

Jennifer Aniston has always been aware of the growing troubles in her parents’ marriage, which eventually led to their divorce.

She remained in the custody of her mother, who continually chastised her, pointing out all of her physical flaws: her eyes were too wide apart, her nose was too large, and she had gained a few pounds throughout puberty.

Jennifer also grew up believing that she was “terrible” because she did not manage at school and did not integrate into the team owing to a lack of self-confidence.

He had a really attractive mother at home, but he couldn’t physically or psychologically resemble her. Jennifer didn’t have a close relationship with her father, so she was at the mercy of her mother’s erratic behavior.

Jen responded angrily to her mother’s remarks one day, but Nancy laughed in her face, so the young woman learned to be silent and accept criticism silently.

Jennifer Aniston soon discovered that her scholastic issues were due to dyslexia, a reading disability that prevented her from effectively understanding written materials.

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