Funny and Unexpected Dating Mishaps

Dating can be an exciting adventure filled with laughter and the possibility of a meaningful connection. But as anyone who has been on many dates knows, not all of them turn into fairy-tale romances. In fact, some dates can be downright cringe-worthy and leave us wishing for a quick exit. Let’s take a look at some funny and unexpected dating mishaps that people have experienced.

1. Thank God It’s Over

A woman shared her horrible dating experience on Reddit. On their first date, her partner dominated the conversation for an entire hour, complaining about every aspect of his life without giving her a chance to speak. Feeling frustrated, she excused herself to the restroom and decided to drive home instead.

Things didn’t get any better when they were seated at a restaurant. He arrogantly ordered her food and ended up spilling juice on himself, all while criticizing the staff and asserting the superiority of his home country. The evening continued with him expressing his desire to become a manager and fire anyone he deemed incompetent. When the check arrived, she suggested splitting it, but he yelled at her. She left money on the table and walked away.

To avoid causing a scene, she reluctantly allowed him to walk her home. The walk was filled with awkward silence, and when they reached her front door, he tried to force himself on her. She pushed him away, threw money at him, and firmly told him to leave. After the incident, she shared the story with his family, who cut off contact with her.

2. Making the Exit

A Reddit user went on a date with someone who insisted on dining at an expensive restaurant. Throughout the meal, the person remained glued to their phone, taking calls and responding to texts. The waitress noticed this and discreetly offered separate bills. The user took the opportunity and settled their portion of the bill before leaving.

3. A Kiss for Two

At 18 years old, a man in the Air Force went on a date set up by his roommate. The group decided to watch a movie, and his date surprised everyone by bringing a giant stuffed rabbit named Pebbles. After the movie, they went for ice cream and drove to his date’s cousin’s home. As they reached the door, his date suggested that he not only kiss her but also Pebbles to avoid any potential jealousy. Despite the quirkiness of the situation, he obliged and kissed both.

4. Calling It Quits

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