Pamela Anderson goes makeup-free to the Oscars, and everyone is saying the same thing

While celebrities dressed to the nines on the night of the Oscars, there was one who went with a more subtle look.

Pamela Anderson, 56, shocked fans as she walked the red carpet sans makeup. This isn’t the only time Anderson has appeared at a public event without makeup, but it’s arguably the most popular.

Her look caused quite the stir online and had everyone saying the same thing.

Although she has admitted to never feeling like a “great beauty,” Anderson has always been at the forefront of beauty and fashion. So one would naturally expect she would want to do anything and everything possible to keep up her look, but for Anderson the exact opposite is true.

“I can’t wait to see myself old. I always said that I would recognize myself when she looked at me in the mirror. I want my hair to be naturally gray, not to wear makeup. I mean, that’s my comfort state,” Pamela said in an interview.

“Many women who were classic beauty icons have struggled with aging. I don’t think it’s difficult for me and I don’t want to fall for it. I don’t want to do all these crazy things to myself,” she said.

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