Chrissy Teigen, shares picture of 45-year-old John Legend without pants – “I was not prepared”

Chrissy Teigen usually shares a lot of beautiful pictures of her family on her social media. Recently, she shared a ‘photo dump’, which left a lot of people in disbelief! Her husband appeared to be underdressed in a picture.

Keep reading to learn more about what transpired!

Model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen shared images of behind-the-scenes footage of her and her family’s Oscar weekend. Teigen seemed to want to show everyone how the family spent their weekend.

She posted a picture of Legend pantless, which surprised many people. In the caption, she wrote, “Babies and Girl Scouts and camping and Oscars weekend!”

The first picture in the series was one of her and Legend’s youngest child, their 9-month-old son Wren. The next picture was of their 1-year-old daughter Esti, smiling with a face covered with spaghetti sauce.

Teigen also included pictures of the family at a farmers market. She posted a picture of their 7-year-old daughter Luna posing with a tennis racket. She also had a selfie of the couples’ 5-year-old son, Miles.

In the last picture, she shared a picture of Legend pantless! Her husband, John Legend, was only wearing the top part of his tuxedo. As Legend was sporting his jacket, shirt, and bow tie, and long black socks, he was also walking around with his baby daughter Esti.

One person wrote in the comments, “I was not prepared for John’s legs to look like that lol.” Another person added, “love the shot of John half-ready to go‼️”

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